Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery

The Faculty of Nursing provides many opportunities for you to gain valuable, hands-on experience that will ensure you receive a well-rounded education founded both in academic theory and real-world application.

Programme offerings at the Faculty of Nursing include a four-year BSc degree program direct entry, three-year BSc degree Program for In Service Students and a three-year Diploma General Nursing program.


Our Locations

Main Campus
Chalala , Along Kasama Road.
Foxdale Campus
Foxdale,Along Zambezi Road
Mutandwa Campus
Roma, Mutandwa Road
TICK Campus
Lilayi, Kasama Road


Contact with Us

Deputy Registrar – Academic Affairs
+26 0973 072966
Admissions & Marketing Officer
+26 0975 950286
Customer Care Officer
+260 0974 137203

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