Faculty of Pharmacy, Nutrition and Dietetics

Graduates of pharmacy degrees work right at the heart of human healthcare, taking on roles relating to the design and development of new treatments, prescription and care management, and generally advising on the medical options available for different conditions.

The program prepares graduates for the contemporary role of the pharmacist in society ensuring that patients optimize medication usage.


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Lusaka Apex Medical University has made a lasting difference in the health and well being of people throughout Southern Africa & Zambia.

We have graduated over 100 pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who make outstanding contributions in the community, hospitals, government, academia, and industry.

We have developed strong research capabilities and continue to close the gap in our quest to first understand disease – then conquer it – while simultaneously studying the workings of the health care system.

In addition, we continue to enhance our environment for quality learning, effective communication, practical research discovery, collaboration and partnerships to transform the future of health care for the benefit of all.


Our Locations

Main Campus
Chalala , Along Kasama Road.
Foxdale Campus
Foxdale,Along Zambezi Road
Mutandwa Campus
Roma, Mutandwa Road
TICK Campus
Lilayi, Kasama Road


Contact with Us

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+26 0973 072966
Admissions & Marketing Officer
+26 0975 950286
Customer Care Officer
+260 0974 137203

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