Faculty of Pre-Medical Sciences

The pre-medical program was established as the first step toward the creation of a truly international student body. This program allows the matriculation of students from around the world regardless of the individual variations of the educational system of their home country.


Our Pre-Medical Studies course is designed for students whose A level mix does not allow direct entry to medicine, pharmacy, nursing and health sciences, or whose circumstances affected their A level performance. It provides opportunities for students from a disadvantaged background or low achieving school or college as well as individuals who display a long term commitment to a career in medicine, pharmacy, nursing and health sciences. The course is designed to prepare you for successful entry to medical, pharmacy, nursing and health sciences, schools and your subsequent career.  There is the opportunity for selected students from this course to enter the first year of a medical degree, pharmacy degree, nursing degree and health sciences degree at the Lusaka Apex Medical University. Subsequent admission to the medical degree,  pharmacy degree, nursing degree and health sciences degree is dependent on academic performance on this course.


Our Locations

Main Campus
Chalala , Along Kasama Road.
Foxdale Campus
Foxdale,Along Zambezi Road
Mutandwa Campus
Roma, Mutandwa Road
TICK Campus
Lilayi, Kasama Road


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