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Lusaka Apex Medical University, with its six faculties, embodies a commitment to academic excellence and cutting-edge research. Research at this esteemed institution thrives within the well-structured framework of its departments. These departments serve as vibrant hubs, fostering collaboration among diverse research entities, including joint research units, hosting teams, and platforms. Their collective focus remains unwavering on a singular scientific discipline: the pursuit of profound insights, innovative breakthroughs, and the advancement of human knowledge.

NIHR Global Health Research Group on Improving Quality of Maternal Healthcare in Africa

A majority of maternal deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa, and nearly all are preventable with good quality healthcare. Both Malawi and Zambia are fully committed to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes, but are not making adequate progress.

This new programme of work will build upon the collaboration formed by the NIHR DIPLOMATIC research group.

High quality maternal and neonatal health data is key for quality improvement. We will provide real-time digital reporting of maternal deaths, near-miss cases, and quality of care data, accessible via online dashboards. This will be used to identify critical improvement needs and measure progress.

We will link facility and community Demographic Health Surveillance System sites to understand the gaps in facility data.

Vitamin D: The Unsought Solution to the TB Pandemic

Tuberculosis has been known to mankind since
ancient times. Despite Tuberculosis (TB) having
been a major killer from antique time to date and the
improvement in diagnostic tools, its eradication still
remains a pipedream. An everlasting solution to TB
control/eradication keeps eluding us.

There is a direct correlation between prevalence of
Vitamin D deficiency and the burden of TB,
countries like Cambodia, China and India have high
rates of vitamin D deficiency and happen to be
among countries with the highest burden of TB in
the world., This adds to the correlation of Vitamin D
deficiency and TB.

Lusaka Apex Medical University Online Research Repository

Lusaka Apex Medical University Repository is an open access computerized assortment for the scholarly work of, staff, Students and others which contains student projects, recorded materials, theses and dissertations, journal articles,. It builds the perceivability of LAMU’s research; assist with contacting a worldwide audience and starts the course of carefully safeguarding the University’s scholarly output.