Dean Of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students at Lusaka Apex Medical University (LAMU) is a key entity responsible for creating an environment that supports the overall well-being and personal growth of our students. As the Dean of Students, our mission is to provide comprehensive support services and cultivate a vibrant campus life that enhances the academic experience and promotes student success.


The Office of the Dean of Students is dedicated to fostering a student-centered environment that prioritizes student well-being, personal development, and a sense of belonging. Our mission is to provide guidance, resources, and opportunities that empower students to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.

Key Responsibilities:

Student Engagement and Extracurricular Activities: The Office of the Dean of Students actively supports and encourages student engagement in a variety of extracurricular activities. We oversee and collaborate with student clubs, organizations, and societies, providing opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop leadership skills, and build lasting connections with their peers.

Counselling and Support Services: We recognize that students may face personal, social, or academic challenges during their time at LAMU. Our dedicated counseling and support services are designed to assist students in navigating these challenges. Our trained professionals offer confidential counseling, guidance, and resources to help students manage stress, enhance their well-being, and develop strategies for personal growth.

Student Conduct and Discipline: Upholding a culture of integrity, respect, and ethical behavior is a shared responsibility of all members of the LAMU community. The Office of the Dean of Students works in collaboration with various stakeholders to promote a safe and inclusive campus environment. We facilitate the implementation of the Student Code of Conduct, which outlines the expected standards of behavior and ensures fairness in addressing student conduct matters.

Student Grievances and Conflict Resolution: We understand that conflicts or grievances may arise between students or between students and faculty/staff members. The Office of the Dean of Students serves as a resource for students, offering a platform for grievances and conflict resolution. We provide guidance and support, working towards amicable resolutions and fostering a positive campus climate.

Health and Wellness Initiatives: The well-being of our students is of paramount importance. The Office of the Dean of Students collaborates with healthcare professionals and other relevant stakeholders to promote health and wellness initiatives on campus. We organize workshops, awareness campaigns, and wellness activities that empower students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop lifelong habits.

Student Advocacy: We serve as advocates for student interests and concerns, ensuring that their voices are heard and respected within the university community. The Office of the Dean of Students works closely with faculty, staff, and administration to address student needs, advocate for necessary changes, and promote an inclusive and student-friendly environment.

Transition and Orientation Programs: We understand that the transition to university life can be challenging. To ease this transition, the Office of the Dean of Students organizes orientation programs and provides resources to help new students acclimate to campus life. We offer guidance and support during this critical phase, ensuring that students feel welcomed, informed, and prepared for their academic journey at LAMU.

Leadership and Structure:

The Office of the Dean of Students is led by the Dean, who provides visionary leadership and strategic guidance. The Dean works in collaboration with a team of dedicated professionals, including counselors, student affairs coordinators, and administrative staff, to effectively implement various initiatives and ensure the well-being and success of our students.

At Lusaka Apex Medical University, we believe that a holistic approach to education is essential. The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to fostering an environment that nurtures your personal growth, well-being, and overall student experience. We are here to support you throughout your journey at LAMU and to help you make the most of your time as a student.


Mr. Mumbwali A. Siabwengo

Mr. Mumbwali A. Siabwengo

Dean of Students

Mr. Mulongoti Zulu

Mr. Mulongoti Zulu

Assistant Dean of Students