Prof. Modest Mulenga

Prof. Modest Mulenga

Deputy Vice Chancellor - Research & Innovation

BSc (UNZA), MBChB (UNZA), DTM&H (UK), MSc (Lond), DLSHTM (Lond), PhD (Lond), FZaAS

Prof. Modest Mulenga – Pioneering Research and Innovation for Global Health Impact

Prof. Modest Mulenga, a visionary leader in research and innovation and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) at LAMU. Prof. Mulenga’s remarkable journey from a humble background to becoming a renowned researcher is an inspiring testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for improving global health.

Growing up in a mining community in Chingola, Zambia, Prof. Mulenga was inspired by the doctors caring for the workers and their families in the nearby hospital. Determined to make a difference, he pursued his dreams of becoming a doctor and was among the few selected to attend medical school in Zambia in 1982, out of thousands of applicants.

After graduating and practicing medicine in Solwezi district, Prof. Mulenga witnessed the devastating impact of malaria on the local community, particularly among children. Motivated by the loss of his own sister to severe malaria, he realized the urgent need for medical research and innovative solutions to combat this deadly disease.

Driven by his passion for research, Prof. Mulenga pursued a Master of Science degree in clinical tropical medicine at the prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Armed with new knowledge and skills, he returned to Zambia and assumed leadership of the Department of Clinical Sciences at the Tropical Diseases Research Centre (TDRC) in Ndola Central Hospital.

This marked the beginning of his groundbreaking work in finding alternative treatments for malaria and improving disease management.

Under the support of TDR, Prof. Mulenga conducted clinical trials for new antimalarial drugs, including artemisinin-combination therapies that have become the cornerstone of malaria care today. Additionally, he pursued a Ph.D. in infectious and tropical diseases, focusing on developing therapies for children that would prevent severe anemia complications.

In his role as the chair of TDR’s Joint Coordinating Board, Prof. Mulenga has furthered his commitment to research and innovation. He has advocated for a multidisciplinary approach, recognizing the need to involve various sectors such as education, housing, environment, politics, economics, and business to make interventions more accessible and effective. His extensive experience and expertise have led to groundbreaking insights on malaria control programs and the importance of research evidence in implementing disease control and elimination initiatives.

Prof. Mulenga firmly believes in building research capacity within the countries most affected by infectious diseases. He emphasizes the necessity of empowering local communities and researchers to develop solutions that address their own unique challenges. By leveraging research evidence, Prof. Mulenga envisions a future where disease control and elimination programs are tailored to the specific needs of low-income countries, paving the way for sustainable health outcomes.

At Lusaka Apex Medical University, Prof. Modest Mulenga’s leadership as the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) is instrumental in fostering a culture of research excellence and driving innovative initiatives. His invaluable expertise and dedication to improving global health through research and innovation continue to inspire students, researchers, and healthcare professionals alike.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of Prof.Modest Mulenga as he continues to shape the landscape of research and innovation at Lusaka Apex Medical University, making a profound impact on healthcare worldwide.