Directorate Overview

The Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies (DGRS) at Lusaka Apex Medical University (LAMU) is a pivotal entity responsible for advancing research endeavors and overseeing the postgraduate programs within the university. The (DGRS) plays a crucial role in promoting a culture of research excellence, fostering innovation, and supporting postgraduate students’ academic growth and development.


The DGRS is committed to nurturing a research-intensive environment and facilitating high-quality postgraduate education. Its mission is to encourage cutting-edge research, enhance knowledge creation, and produce highly skilled professionals capable of addressing complex societal challenges.

Key Responsibilities

Research Coordination and Administration: The DGRS serves as the central coordinating body for research activities within LAMU. It facilitates and administers research projects, providing guidance on research proposal development, ethics clearance, research funding opportunities, and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Postgraduate Program Management: The DGRS oversees and manages a diverse range of postgraduate programs at LAMU. It ensures the smooth operation of the application process, admissions, registration, examinations, graduations, and other postgraduate activities. The DGRS offers comprehensive support to postgraduate students throughout their academic journey.

Research Funding and Grants: The DGRS plays a crucial role in identifying and securing research funding opportunities for faculty members and postgraduate students. It actively seeks external research grants, promotes collaborations with funding agencies, and provides assistance in grant proposal development to support research projects.

Research Ethics and Compliance: Upholding the highest ethical standards in research is a priority for the DGRS. It ensures that all research conducted at LAMU adheres to ethical guidelines and regulatory requirements. The DGRS provides guidance on obtaining ethics clearances, handling research data, and protecting the rights and welfare of research participants.

Research Capacity Building: The DGRS is committed to enhancing the research capabilities of faculty members and postgraduate students. It organizes workshops, training sessions, and seminars on research methodologies, data analysis, scientific writing, and publication ethics. These capacity-building initiatives aim to foster a culture of research excellence and innovation.

Research Collaboration and Networking: The DGRS actively promotes research collaboration and networking opportunities with national and international institutions, research organizations, and industry partners. It facilitates research collaborations, joint publications, and knowledge exchange programs to foster interdisciplinary research and enrich the research environment at LAMU.

Quality Assurance and Evaluation: The DGRS implements quality assurance mechanisms to ensure the rigor and excellence of research activities and postgraduate programs. It conducts regular evaluations of research projects and postgraduate programs, seeking feedback from stakeholders and implementing improvements to maintain high standards of quality.

Leadership and Structure

The DGRS is led by a Director who provides visionary leadership and strategic guidance to drive LAMU’s research and postgraduate agenda. The Director is supported by a dedicated team of professionals, including Assistant Directors and administrative staff, who contribute to effectively managing and implementing various initiatives.

The Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies at Lusaka Apex Medical University plays a vital role in fostering research excellence and promoting the academic growth of postgraduate students. Through its diverse responsibilities, the DGRS contributes to advancing knowledge, addressing societal challenges, and producing skilled professionals capable of making meaningful contributions to the field of healthcare and beyond.

Directorate Leadership

Prof. Evarist K Njelesani,

Prof. Evarist K Njelesani,

Vice Chancellor

FRCP (Edin), FRCP (London), FCP (ECSA)

Prof. Modest Mulenga

Prof. Modest Mulenga

Deputy Vice Chancellor - Research & Innovation

BSc (UNZA), MBChB (UNZA), DTM&H (UK), MSc (Lond), DLSHTM (Lond), PhD (Lond), FZaAS

Prof. James C.L. Mwansa

Prof. James C.L. Mwansa

Director of Research, Statistics & Postgraduate Studies

BSc.HB, Dip.Bact, PhD, FZaAS

Dr. Catherine Mukandawire

Dr. Catherine Mukandawire

H.O.D. Post-graduate studies


Mr. John M. Zulu

Mr. John M. Zulu

H.O.D - Research and Biostatistics