Virtual Clinical Educational Grand Rounds

Join us for an immersive educational experience where medical students present and discuss complex patient cases with a distinguished panel of professors on zoom with the meeting ID below every Thursday:

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Our esteemed panel of professors brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide and mentor our students.

Prof. E. Njelesani

Vice Chancellor

Prof. P. Mwaba

Chief Executive Officer

Prof. T. Lambart

Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academic

Prof. M. Mulenga

Deputy Vice Chancellor - Research & Innovation

Student Presenters

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Virtual Clinical Educational Grand Rounds

Engage, Learn, and Present

Welcome to Lusaka Apex Medical University’s Virtual Clinical Educational Grand Rounds. This innovative platform is designed to foster a collaborative learning environment where students present patient cases to their peers and a distinguished panel of professors. Our esteemed professorial team includes Prof. E. Njelesani, Prof. P. Mwaba, Prof. T. Lambart, Prof. J. Mudenda, Prof. J. Mwansa, Prof. M. Mulenga, Prof. N. Emaus, Prof. S. A. Ghilani, Prof. K. Obeten, Prof. N. Etah, Prof. G. Biemba, and Dr. A. Kasolo.

During these sessions, students will delve into complex medical topics such as Portal Hypertension, Malaria in Pregnancy, Quadriplegia secondary to ASIA-B Spinal cord injury at C5, and Splenomegaly. Each presentation is followed by an interactive discussion, providing a rich educational experience that bridges theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Join us in this dynamic learning journey, where every case study is an opportunity to enhance your clinical acumen and contribute to the collective knowledge of our medical community.

Get Involved in Our Grand Rounds

Are you ready to take your medical education to the next level? Participate in Lusaka Apex Medical University’s Virtual Clinical Educational Grand Rounds. Whether you are a student eager to present your case or a professional looking to share your expertise, we welcome you to be a part of this enriching experience.

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