Development of Lusaka Apex Medical University Modern
Faculty Building in Chalala

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the construction project for the state-of-the-art faculty building at Lusaka Apex Medical University, situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Chalala. This landmark development aims to revolutionize medical education and research by providing an exceptional learning environment for students and faculty alike.

The forthcoming structure will boast 15 cutting-edge laboratories, equipped with the latest technology and resources, designed to facilitate hands-on learning experiences for 50 to 100 students per laboratory. Additionally, the facility will house a lecture theatre with a seating capacity of 500 to 1000 students, ensuring an inclusive and dynamic space for large-scale presentations and academic events. Complementing this, there will be five lecture rooms accommodating 50 to 100 students each, fostering an interactive and engaging setting for smaller group sessions. The building will also feature 21 offices, offering dedicated workspaces for faculty members and staff, contributing to a conducive atmosphere for collaboration and innovation. Furthermore, the inclusion of 32 toilets and 15 shower/change rooms will ensure the comfort and convenience of all individuals utilizing the facility. To cater to the diverse needs of the university community, a spacious canteen will be available, accommodating up to 500 individuals, providing a vibrant hub for students and faculty to gather, socialize, and replenish. With this ambitious project, Lusaka Apex Medical University is committed to establishing a modern and comprehensive academic infrastructure that will enhance the educational experience and further elevate the institution’s standing as a center of excellence in medical education and research.

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