šŸ“¢ Project Progress Update: Safe Motherhood Theme 1

We are excited to share with you the latest progress on our ongoing project, “Safe Motherhood Theme 1.” This initiative is dedicated to improving maternal healthcare and ensuring safer pregnancies for all expectant mothers within our community.Ā 

Duration: From 25th to 27th July

Objective: To enhance maternal health and promote the well-being of mothers and babies in our community.


Achievements So Far:

Near-Miss Tool and Audit Form: Our team has been diligently reviewing and adapting the Near-Miss Tool and audit form. These essential components will help healthcare professionals identify potential risks during pregnancy, leading to improved maternal care.

Identifying Priority Areas: We have identified and listed maternal priority areas, which will serve as focal points to address key challenges and provide targeted support to expectant mothers.

Incorporating Technology: We are exploring the integration of technology in our project. By studying a mobile-based community health management article by Godfrey Biemba et al. (2017), we aim to empower volunteer community health workers to link community data to healthcare facilities, ensuring better access to healthcare services for pregnant women.

Engaging Community Members: Our team has been actively engaging with community leaders, women’s groups, and local organizations to gain valuable insights into the needs and perspectives of expectant mothers. This collaborative approach strengthens our efforts to create a positive impact.

Workshop Progress: A three-day workshop is currently underway. Participants, including passionate individuals, healthcare professionals, and maternal health experts, are brainstorming and strategizing to ensure the success of our safe motherhood initiatives.

Upcoming Plans:

In the coming days, we will:

Finalize the adaptations to the tools and protocols for seamless implementation.
Revise and complete theme 1 research activities and budget allocation.
Develop a comprehensive Gantt chart to guide and track our progress throughout theme 1 activities.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us in this crucial endeavour. Your dedication and involvement are integral to the success of Safe Motherhood Theme 1.

Together, let’s continue working towards a safer and healthier future for all mothers and babies in our community.

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